A Joker’s Rage is a four piece genre-disrupting rock band from the North of England who fuse heavy riffs with dance grooves and theatrical influences. Imagine a young Spandau Ballet in facepaint playing Metallica’s instruments, writing songs that not only rock the masses but hypnotically induce any stale audience into a ​frenzied​ dance party and you’re a bit closer to understanding the message.  

The band’s debut album, ​The Rain Dance​, will drop as the summer closes in 2019 and will serve as an excellent passport into AJR’s iconoclastic world and creative vision. One of very few bands who would sit equally comfortably on a Download Festival line up just as much as they would at Glastonbury and it’s this kind of divserive and artistic reach that has put A Joker’s Rage in a prime position to break out worldwide.  


Based in York, AJR became a more serious entity three years ago when called upon to open the independent Rockmantic Weekender in Carlisle and has been gaining ground ever since. A buzz built quickly and now A Joker’s Rage more often than not headline these medium sized festivals they once opened for drawing a loyal, travelling fan base. With gigs alongside The Darkness, The VirginMarys and The Wildhearts to name a few under their belt, the band are no strangers to big stages and converting even bigger audiences.  


AJR perform in face-paint and call it #GAMEFACE, a slogan and ideology that fans love and buy into. To lead vocalist Zakk Taylor, guitarist Adam Gauton, bassist Geordie Ginface, and drummer/keyboardist Matt Collinge, #GAMEFACE is mode in which the band choose to escape reality, channel their alter ego’s and deliver their message. “It’s our war paint. When the chips are down, life gets tough or you’re simply bored out of your skull, put your #GAMEFACE on and handle it with a stronger attitude .”  


A Joker’s Rage have been compared musically to an unorthodox cocktail off Biffy Clyro, Don Broco, Bring Me The Horizon and even Queen but it’s impossible to define the group that easily. The band creates from its own impulses and feelings, setting trends instead of following them. The music boils over, the lyrics are passionate and personal, and the stage show is intense and theatrical. Making great music is AJR’s ultimate goal, not money and fame, an attitude that can be heard in every track on ​The Rain Dance​. Rock and pop fans looking for new artists that are unique, fearless, and compelling need to find A Joker’s Rage tonight.  

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